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Small Size EPCOS / TDK B32922 474k 310VAC MKP Through Hole X2 Capacitor

Place of Origin china
Brand Name ljb
Certification CE
Model Number zz
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Price Ten thousand dollars
Packaging Details 付款方式
Delivery Time 供货能力
Payment Terms 发货期限
Supply Ability 常规包装
Product Details
Capacity Tolerance ±5% ~ ±10% Electrode Tin Zinc
Rated Voltage 310V Leads Radial Leads Of Tinned Wire
Operating Temperature -40℃~+110 Load Life 5000 Hours
Suitable High Current Loss Low
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Product Description


Small Size EPCOS / TDK B32922 474k 310VAC MKP Through Hole X2 Capacitor






Y capacitor


The capacitance of the Y capacitor must be limited, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the size of the leakage current flowing through it under the action of the rated frequency and rated voltage and the impact on the EMC performance of the system. GJB151 stipulates that the capacity of the Y capacitor should not be greater than 0.1uF. In addition to complying with the corresponding power grid voltage withstand voltage, the Y capacitor also requires sufficient safety margin in terms of electrical and mechanical properties to avoid breakdown and short circuit phenomenon under extremely harsh environmental conditions. Protecting personal safety is of great significance. It is particularly pointed out that the Y capacitor as a safety capacitor must be certified by a safety testing agency. The appearance of Y capacitors is mostly orange or blue, and they are generally marked with safety certification marks (such as UL, CSA, etc.) and withstand voltage AC250V or AC275V. However, its true DC withstand voltage is as high as 5000V or more. It must be emphasized that ordinary capacitors such as nominal withstand voltage AC250V or DC400V should not be used for Y capacitors at will.



related information


With the rapid development of my country's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, and a large number of electronic products enter the home. Due to the dangers of electric shock, fire, harmful radiation, chemical, explosion and mechanical injury to these devices, in order to protect the safety of users' lives and property, To safeguard the interests of consumers and promote the improvement of product quality by enterprises, the state has successively formulated safety standards for related products to minimize the above-mentioned dangers and ensure the implementation of safety standards through legislation. The national certification body recognized by the state recognizes the electronic products that have passed the relevant inspections and recognizes that these products meet the relevant safety standards





The specific details of the supercapacitor structure depend on the application and use of the supercapacitor. These materials may vary slightly due to manufacturer or specific application needs. Common to all supercapacitors is that they contain a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a separator between the two electrodes, and the electrolyte fills the two pores separated by the two electrodes and the separator.

Small Size EPCOS / TDK B32922 474k 310VAC MKP Through Hole X2 Capacitor 0