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Anti Interference Radial Leads Of Tinned Wire Film Capacitors

Place of Origin china
Brand Name ljb
Model Number zz
Minimum Order Quantity 20
Price Ten thousand dollars
Packaging Details 付款方式
Delivery Time 供货能力
Payment Terms 发货期限
Supply Ability 常规包装
Product Details
Size Small Size Color Yellow
Package Type Through Hole Leads Radial Leads Of Tinned Wire
Rated Voltage 330Vac Load Life 5000 Hours
Lead Wire Tin-plating Of Copper Cover Steel CAPACITANCE 0.22uf
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Product Description


Anti Interference Radial Leads Of Tinned Wire Film Capacitors


Type Film Capacitor
Leads Radial Leads Of Tinned Wire
Operating Temperature -40℃~+110
Rated Voltage 250V/275V/310V/330Vac
Features Anti-interference, Flame Retartdance, Moisture-proof
Load Life 5000 Hours
Terminal CP Wire
ENCAPSULATION Outer coating Flame retarding epoxy resin



Film capacitors


Film capacitors are also called plastic film capacitors. It uses a plastic film as the dielectric. Film capacitors use metal foils as electrodes, which are stacked with plastic films such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate from both ends, and are wound into a cylindrical structure. According to the type of plastic film, they are also called polyethylene capacitors (also known as Mylar capacitors), polypropylene capacitors (also known as PP capacitors), polystyrene capacitors (also known as PS capacitors) and polycarbonate capacitors.





Film capacitors integrate advanced technologies such as modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automatic control, and power capacitors. It has changed the backward and backward mechanical contactor of the traditional reactive power compensation device, and changed the bulky and cumbersome structure mode of the traditional reactive power compensation device, so that the new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment has better compensation effect and smaller volume. Lower power consumption, lower unit price, more cost savings, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, longer service life, and higher reliability, adapt to the higher requirements of modern power grids for reactive power compensation.





The bypass capacitor is an energy storage device that provides energy to the local device, it can even out the output of the regulator and reduce the load demand. Like a small rechargeable battery, the bypass capacitor can be charged and discharged to the device. To minimize impedance, bypass capacitors should be placed as close as possible to the power supply and ground pins of the load device. This can be very good to prevent the ground potential rise and noise caused by the input value is too large. Ground potential is the voltage drop across the ground connection through a high current glitch.