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Dimmable 595LM LED Flat Panel Lights 8W For Restaurant Wareproof

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Product Description


Dimmable 595LM LED Flat Panel Lights 8W For Restaurant Wareproof





1•  The Straight down lighting solution with only 32mm thickness

2•  Super high brightness with low heat

3•  Low cost without light guide plate,which avoids risk of truning yellow

4•  Full certificated external LED driver,Lifud or BOKE brand,FLICKER FREE is optional

5•  No UV, IR and No mercury &lead

6•  PF>0.9,CRI>80Ra/90Ra

7•  CE,ROHS passed, conform to TUV,GS RCM standards



Product Description


Model No. MQG-LED-136L (S) MQG-LED-136L (L)
Power 36W 38W
Lumen (lm) 3821 4028
Efficiency (lm/w) 106 106
CRI ≥80 ≥90
CCT (K) 2700K-6500K 2700K-6500K
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9
Fixture Size (mm) 595x595x35 1195x295x35
Carton Size (cm) 65x33x65 125x33x35
Qty/ctn (pcs) 6 6




Too few LEDs being used. Too few LEDs (generally 36 or less) means that they have to be driven at a high current to generate the light output needed. Compared with designs using more LEDs, this is less efficient (LEDs perform most efficiently with low drive currents), generates more heat, shortens the life of the LEDs and hastens the lumen depreciation.
Plastic bodies. The better back-lit panels use a metal body. This is more effective as a heat sink than a (cheaper) plastic body. LEDs generate some heat and this needs to be dissipated if their life is not to be shortened further.
Light distribution not overlapping. In a good back-lit panel each LED is individually lensed and the lenses are designed so that the light from each LED overlaps the light from its neighbours. This will produce an even lit affect and some resilience in the event that a single LED fails. Poor lens design and a low number of LEDs is likely to decrease the overlap between LEDs and increase the risk of bright and dark spots on the front of the fitting.
Are the lenses firmly fixed in position? Only time will tell, but the risk is that the heat generated by the LEDs, combined with cheap adhesive poorly applied, will cause the lenses to fall off. The result will be uneven light distribution and possibly glare too.
Built-in driver. Manufacturers can save money by building the driver into the body, but this has multiple drawbacks. It can’t be replaced in case of a problem and there will be no dimming or emergency options. It is a very inflexible approach.





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Dimmable 595LM LED Flat Panel Lights 8W For Restaurant Wareproof 0