About Hair density

December 27, 2016
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This density chart is a guide to determine how much hair is used on the wig and frontal cap and how full your lace will appear. Please note that the type of hair used and how it is styled may determine the hair density. For example, wavy and curly hair expand when combed out and appear thicker. Light densities are not advised for straight hair textures as it has less volume and fullness.


To get the most natural look, we suggest you select a density similar to your own.


You can specify two different densities for different parts of the cap. We recommend you choose “medium heavy” (120%-150%) density as it is more durable and can last up to 8 months with good care and maintenance (see maintenance page). The most natural looking densities are "light” and “light-medium” (80%-100%) which are ideal for special occasions but is not recommended for every day use as the hair naturally sheds after grooming.